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About JM Dev

JM Dev is a Dev Shop that born as a passion project of 3 friends. We all come from different background but our goals and aspirations are pretty similar, we aspire to make the life of our clients easier through technology and coding. Thats why we are constantly learning, studying and mastering different technologies and programming languages. We want to help small and medium size businesses thrive online and have a positive impact on our communities and give opportunities to as many developers as possible.

We have worked with several companies but we felt it was time to create something our own and we want you to be a part of it!

Services we provide

Here at JM DEV we are always improving our skills and we are always searching the market to find the best and most use technologies and libraries. We provide the following services. If you are interested in reaching out and talk about your project don't doubt it.

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Web Development

Don't have a website and don't know where to start? Don't worry we have you covered. Here at JM Devshop we combine years of experience, with knowledge of many languages and frameworks to make sure we provide each customer with the best option for their needs.

Maintenance and Refactoring

In case you have already have a website but it feels old and outdated, we can help with that as well. We will not only update your website so it looks new but, we will also refactor the code behind it to make sure it also runs smooth and is easier to mantain on the long run.

Content Management System

Content Management Systems. We can set up your Shopify stores and applications, your WordPress blogs, your Wix personal website and pretty much help you set up everything you need related to any other big content managements system out there.

Software Development

It may be an Internal software for your company or any idea you might have. We don't limit ourselves to just websites, we can develop your ideas and tools into reality. Always using the latest technologies so your ideas are also up to date with the World.

Data Analysis

Your website is already up and running, you are getting the traffic but not the conversions. You want to boost the amount of time spent in your website. We not only retrive the data for you, using technologies like Google Analytics and Oribi we will help you understand it and teach you how to use it to improve your UX, your conversion rates and reach.


How is the workflow with JM DEV?

Using the contact us section you can send us an email or you can schedule a 30-minute call that fits your time so we can talk about the ideas you may have for your website, application or private software. We are waiting for your call here
After talking we will send you a contract with a breakdown of all the technologies we will use, the time we will need to complete the project, the cost of the project and all the technical details. We will sort out every detail for you
This is the best part, we will handle everything, it's time to program and develop your project. We guarantee tranquility and satisfaction, we can have daily meetings to inform you of the of the progress and next steps.
All set, after all the agreed tasks are successfully completed is time to just transfer the ownership of everything and see your business grow.
Why wait? make sure to contact us here!

Tech we use

One of our main focus is to always be informed on everything that is going on inside the Programming industry. Thats why we focused on mastering the best languages, frameworks and libraries, so we can offer you, the client, the best of the best. We have a big repertoire of languages we can use to make your demands come to life in the fastest, most efficient and best way possible. Here are some of the Technologies we use the most.

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